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Date Received: Time Received: MFF Permit Decal #: Expiration Date: Application Fee Paid: $100.00 Clerical Initials: Receipt #: Stanislaus County Parks and Recreation Concession License Application
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing concession license
you are looking to start a food business or maybe you're on the verge of getting one up and running but you don't know what kind of permit license or insurance that you really need I'm going to show you exactly what you would need to do based on where you want to start your food business and we are getting started right Music Music alright so I'm gonna explain to you exactly what you were going to need as far as the types of permits and licenses and even business insurance to get your food business up and running this is one of the most frequent questions that I get not only from my subscribers but also my clients that I do my consulting with and by the way really quick if you are not subscribed to our channel click that magical red button down there hit subscribe and the notification bell so you can see all of the new videos that come up every single week so let me jump right into it so I want to explain to you licenses and permits so this is something that gets kind of confusing but I'm going to kind of break it down for you give you some great tips on what you might need and what you might not need now the reason why I say you might need this or may not is because every state is different and the regulations that operate in each state are in a really quick easy way to say they vary greatly now this is going to be dependent highly upon where you're going to operate the business if you're going to be at home or in a commercial kitchen the types of licenses and insurances and all of the regulations that regulate those businesses are going to vary dramatically now I'll give you a basic rundown of what you can expect starting in your cottage food business so if you're starting from home that's going to be considered a cottage food business now what types of permits that you need and what type of licenses and do I have to have food business insurance number one in most states they will not require you to have a business license now that's actually something that's very odd and it may sound like what do you mean how could you make food from a home and give it to people and sell it and I'd have to have a business license this is where you will need to do a little bit of research and dig into the magical Google button you need to go over to Google and you need to type in your state and more specifically where you are and then from there type in cottage food law and if it happens to be as an example let's say Los Angeles California type in Los Angeles California cottage food law and there will be some resources that will pop up before your state specifically and you can click on those links and most of them are state websites that are going to show you exactly what would be needed in order for you to get started now what can you expect if you do start from home some of the permits are as follows they're going to require to have a business license in essence you are actually operating a...